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Swing Cards from Santoro Graphics
Swing Cards
The most detailed, well-designed, and interesting cards we've ever seen! Not only does each card pop out easily from an envelope into amazing 3D shapes, but each also has a multiplicity of moving parts that allow the objects in the center to swing back and forth.

Giving a Swing Card to someone is like giving an additional gift. So totally unique, Swing Cards stay on display for an exceptionally long time. They never get thrown into that pile of cards on the table, eventually to get tossed into a drawer and then forgotten. The recipient of the card will treasure it and remember and appreciate the giver for a long time.

Popnrock™ Cards from Santoro Graphics
Swing Cards
Popnrock™ are the latest 3D, pop-up innovation from Santoro London's paper engineering division. They are quite simply a rockin' revolution. With a gentle nudge the cards rock from side to side and they all feature a number of small moving parts which sway in harmony with the motion.
Pirouettes 3D Cards by Santoro
Swing Cards
A beautiful and interactive 3-D Pop-Up Card that pops, rocks and spins! Just swish the little tab around the base until it locks, and the 360° paper scene spins to life. Ready assembled with space for a message.
Mask Brigade Cards from Santoro Graphics
Swing Cards

Mask Brigade cards from Santoro London are great for any occasion or party. Just press out the mask and adjust the elastic for the perfect fit! Each card is blank inside for your own message and is supplied with a colorful envelope.

The Little Extras from Santoro Graphics
Swing Cards
A fun greeting card from Santoro Graphics for any occasion. Dress up your favorite pet, fruit or animal greeting card with a choice of 62 funny stickers and make your own wacky creation to send to a friend!

Or better yet, let the recipient choose stickers to make funny faces. Kids will enjoy these cards temendously. The Good Life and are your only source for these quirky little cards!

Swing 'Ems from Santoro Graphics
Swing Cards
Swing 'Ems from Santoro Graphics are fun die-cut cards with swinging elements that a diorama in a unique and exciting greeting card.

Swing Cards
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